We’re glad you’ve stopped by! It can be unsettling to walk into a new place with new people. Here is some information that may make your first visit more comfortable for you and your family. We are excited to meet you!

What is Worship Like?

Each worship service is a unique experience.

The Sanctuary offers traditional worship at 8:30am and a mix of traditional and contemporary at 9:45am.

Warehouse 839
offers modern (contemporary) worship at 11am with a multi-generational, light-rock band.

Our Lead Pastor is April Blaine. Our Associate Pastor is Jon Osmundson.

What to Wear
Come as you are! In this house we welcome suits and ties, dresses, jeans, and cut-offs… tee shirts, flip-flops, wingtips, and heels… We welcome big hair, no hair, blue hair, and unruly hair… tattoos, piercings, and Grandma’s pearls…

We have a large parking lot with many spaces close to the buildings. We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before worship for parking, connecting with the hospitality team (if you wish), grabbing a cup of coffee and a pastry, and finding a seat.

There’s an ADA-approved entrance under the portico at the Social Hall doors to the Sanctuary building, where you can drop passengers off. At Warehouse 839, there’s ADA parking and an ADA ramp right by the front door.

Hospitality Center
Just inside the entrance to each building are friendly people who are ready to answer your questions, give you printed information, and direct you or take you to various places in the church, if you like.


We have a great, kid-friendly nursery with well-trained staff who’ve passed a background check.

We have amazing children’s Sunday school, which is either Godly Play or KidJAM (Jesus & Me), depending on your age. It’s at 9:45am in The Sanctuary and at 11am in Warehouse 839.

Our Director of Children’s Ministry is Lindsay Robinson (lrobinson@hilliardumc.org). Our Children’s Ministry Assistant is Nikki Buskirk (nikki@hilliardumc.org).


Youth Sunday School (grades 7-12), 11am, Warehouse 839: Middle and High School students start in worship, then move to the youth room.

Our Director of Youth Ministry is April Andrick (humc_youth@yahoo.com).


Adult Sunday School Groups, 9:45am, in the Sanctuary building (more details HERE)
Seekers, room 206, facilitated by Bill Bates & Virginia Blasingame.
Friends & Followers, room 306/308, facilitated by Peter Hahn.

Lots more classes and groups for adults listed HERE and HERE.

Our Director of Adult Discipleship is Beth Palmer (bpalmer@hilliardumc.org).

Meet the Pastors

Our Lead Pastor is April Blaine. Our Associate Pastor is Jon Osmundson.

Discover Hilliard UMC
Looking for an informal gathering for conversation and connection, just to get to know the pastors and some other new folks and learn about the DNA of Hilliard UMC? Come spend 90 minutes chatting over pizza… click HERE for the details.

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