Lent Calendar: 40 Days of Loving Yourself

During Lent, we will spend our 40 days together intentionally unlearning and re-learning what it means to love ourselves.

We invite you to download the “40 Days of Loving Yourself” calendar above, print it, and post it somewhere where you’ll see it often.

In this year of UNLEARNING TOGETHER, we invite you to practice some different ways of loving yourself during Lent. Choose the ideas on the calendar that resonate with your soul, mark them off as you go, and feel free to ignore the rest. Don’t feel any pressure to do them all or to do them in the order listed. Repeat any that work especially well for you. Maybe take a risk or two and try something that feels out of your comfort zone. Your rest day doesn’t have to be Sunday, either!

Whatever you do, remember that God loves you no matter what!