Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Make Friends, Connect at Church, Grow in your Faith…
Free childcare is almost always provided for groups that meet at church (see bottom of page for details).
Staff contact: Beth Palmer, Director of Adult Discipleship (bpalmer@hilliardumc.org, 614.876.2403 [church office]).

personal growth & the enneagram


Join us for a series of stand-alone classes on personal growth and self-care using the Enneagram, a powerful tool for understanding yourself, the box you’re in, and pathways to help you get out of the box.

All of us have unconscious habits of thinking, feeling, and doing that are getting in the way of our personal and spiritual growth. Becoming aware of those inner motivations and messages can set us free to be who God created us to be, and this self-awareness can make day-to-day life and relationships a LOT less frustrating!

Each time we’ll do a short centering practice to get us started, then we’ll offer some teaching on one topic, and we’ll have plenty of time for small group discussion and personal reflection. All classes will be held online via Zoom, 7-8:30pm.

Please help support this teaching ministry with a contribution to the church (suggested donation per class, $10-$20. You can give from your phone using our GivePlus+ app or online through our website [click for online giving, and select “Adult Discipleship Class / Book”]). We also never want the cost of a book or class to keep someone from participating, so please sign up whether you can contribute financially or not!

Developing self-awareness

Learning how to observe yourself, without judgment and with kindness, is fundamental to any personal growth work. We’ll help you learn how to see yourself!

  • This Thursday, October 22, 7-8:30pm.
  • Online via Zoom. Please make sure your zoom name is recognizable so we’ll let you in from the waiting room. Meeting ID = 849 6819 2473.
  • Facilitated by Aimee Lotz & Lora McConnell.
  • PDF of class handout:

stress reactions & coping strategies

Stressed much? The pandemic has been hard for all of us, and our stress is leaking out sideways in all sorts of unhealthy ways! In this class we’ll talk about how each of the nine Enneagram types tends to respond in stress, each type’s Wake-Up Call, and ways to develop healthier responses.

  • Tuesday, November 10, 7-8:30pm.
  • Online via Zoom. Please make sure your zoom name is recognizable so we’ll let you in from the waiting room.
  • Facilitated by Julie Johnson & Beth Palmer (staff).
  • PDF of class handout will be posted here a day or two before class and emailed to those who sign up.

conflict styles

Does the stress of the pandemic have you fighting with your spouse, partner, or kids more than usual? Is conflict among your work colleagues on the rise? Come learn about the three conflict styles found among the nine Enneagram types and how to resolve conflicts more quickly and smoothly.

  • Wednesday, December 2, 7-8:30pm.
  • Online via Zoom. Please make sure your zoom name is recognizable so we’ll let you in from the waiting room.
  • Facilitated by Julie Johnson & Aimee Lotz.
  • PDF of class handout will be posted here a day or two before class and emailed to those who sign up.

About the Enneagram Teaching Team at Hilliard umc

Julie Johnson, Aimee Lotz, Lora McConnell, and Beth Palmer have all taken many training classes with various experts on the Enneagram, and they’re all working toward official certification as Enneagram Applications Certified Professionals through the Enneagram Institute of Ohio. Beth Palmer is also Director of Adult Discipleship for Hilliard United Methodist Church.



Sign on to Zoom for a short stand-alone class on prayer & journaling, this Sunday, October 25, at 7pm.

  • Facilitators: Pastor April Blaine, and Dan and Ginny Fisher.
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 862 3162 5179. Please make sure your screen name is recognizable so we know to let you in from the waiting room.

race talks with sharon

Join our Band Leader Sharon Udoh for a series of informal conversations about race on Zoom. Limit 10 participants.

encouragement groups

With the pandemic, the upcoming presidential election, and all that’s going on in the world, we could all use some more encouragement, right? We could all use some time to just sit together with friends in faith, to connect, and to be encouraged! Keeping it simple.

These short-term groups will meet 4-8 times in October and November, each for about an hour. Come when you can. (Some will be on Zoom.)

They will be simple opportunities to connect, to spend a little time in scripture, and to share encouragement with one another. There’s no book to buy and read, no homework.

CLICK HERE for more information.

MOms’ Group

friday evenings ON ZOOM

Join Elysa Smeltzer and other moms on Zoom on Friday evenings after the kids are settled, 8:30-10pm, to discuss the week and the ways you’ve seen God in your life and in your kids, and how you’ve been able to share God with your kids.

Starts Friday, September 25, meets weekly. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or just show up on Zoom!

Zoom info: Meeting ID is 882 7086 7898. If we don’t know you yet, please make sure your screen name is recognizable so we let you in from the waiting room. Please reach out to Elysa Smeltzer if you have questions (elysasmeltzer@yahoo.com).


Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Join Lay Leader Jason Hudson at Prairie Oaks Metro Park on Thursday evenings to walk and pray.

Jason will give some ideas on how to use the time in prayer, sharing scripture and prayer intentions. There will be a brief time of conversation with a walking partner, too. Please wear a mask.

  • 8 Thursdays starting September 17, 5:45pm, for about 30-45 minutes.
  • Meet at Prairie Oaks Metro Park, using the Darby Bend Lakes entrance (2755 Amity Road), at the bridge.
  • Facilitator: Jason Hudson.

Disciple Bible study I (for women)


Disciple 1 is a 34-week Bible study aimed at developing Christians. The study gives the Old and New Testaments equal time, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God. Disciple 1 draws upon the work of scholars, the personal Bible reading and study of the participant, and dynamic group discussion to aid understanding of the Bible.

You’ll need about 30 minutes a day for Bible reading and study on your own. Each member of the group needs a Disciple 1 workbook (you’ll order your own, link below) and a Bible.

Elysa Smeltzer will facilitate this study for women with a primary teaching session on Sunday afternoons and an additional check-in time on Thursday evenings. Signing up for a Bible study during this strange time of pandemic is a great way to keep yourself health in mind and spirit!

  • 34 Sundays, 3-5pm, starting September 27 through June 2021, plus an hour on Thursdays, 7pm, starting October 8, to check in, help keep each other on track, and have more discussion. Both will meet online via Zoom. Breaks for holidays.
  • Facilitator: Elysa Smeltzer (elysasmeltzer@yahoo.com).

Ongoing Groups: Newcomers Always Welcome

Ongoing Adult Sunday school classes are on THIS page…

Other Ongoing Groups for Adults are on THIS page…

Extra Stuff…

Childcare (free) for children up to age 11 is usually available for all classes as a gift to you from the church. Take your child(ren) to the Sanctuary building nursery on the main floor or the Warehouse 839 nursery, behind the stage, where they will be met with a smile by trained, paid staff who have completed all the requirements outlined in our Safe Sanctuaries Policy (including a background check).

We don’t want the cost of books or class materials to get in the way of you taking a class, so sign up whether you have book money or not. It’s on us, happily! If you’d like to contribute a few extra dollars toward a book or class materials for someone who doesn’t have book money this time, that’d be great, thank you! Class facilitators will collect book money at class. (There are one or two exceptions to this, such as Financial Peace University.)