Small Groups

A Different Kind of Small Group:

The Wesley Class Meeting

Do you want to connect on a personal, spiritual level with friends? Do you want to go a little (or a lot) deeper in your faith?

John Wesley founded the Methodist movement in the 1700s by launching a kind of small group that focuses on personal spiritual transformation rather than the “head learning” you get with most classes at church. These groups have minimal leader prep (once the group gets started), no homework, just meeting weekly for an hour to do life together by answering a couple of key questions: “How is it with your soul?” and “How have you experienced God this week?” It’s transformational in the best possible sense!

It’s about “watching over one another in love” and learning to pay attention to what God is doing in your life.

If you’re interested forming or joining this kind of group, contact Beth Palmer to get started (, 614.876.2403 [church office]).

If you don’t feel like you know enough people at church yet to start your own group, start by signing up for some stuff, so you can get to know more people: take a class, help serve dinner at the Wednesday night community meal, offer to hand out worship folders on Sunday mornings, join the choir…  Or contact Beth, and we can help you find some people or a group to join.

When you have a few others you’d like to try doing group life with, people with whom you can be your authentic self, contact Beth Palmer, staff, for details and resources — we’ll get you started:, 614.876.2403 (church office).

Small Group Resources

Looking for your next study? If your small group does book studies, stop by the church office to check out all the small group study resources Hilliard UMC owns. Contact Beth Palmer, Director of Adult Spiritual Formation, with questions or to arrange a time to meet her there to talk about the options and get some ideas for your group (, 614.876.2403).