Church-Wide Study 2016

Are you ready to follow the rebel Jesus?

Renegade Gospel: The Rebel Jesus

Church-wide Study & Spiritual Formation Experience
Book: Renegade Gospel: The Rebel Jesus, by Pastor Mike Slaughter
Message Series & Small Groups for Adults
7 weeks, starting the week of February 14, through the week of March 27 (Easter week)

Who was Jesus, really? Renegade Gospel inspires and challenges readers to get to know the real Jesus. He was a member of a marginalized and persecuted minority, and he turned the world upside down with his radical teaching about God’s kingdom: a world of love, peace, and serving others, in direct contrast to the prevailing cultural values of power, prestige, and profits. Jesus was a rebel, a revolutionary, and he preached a renegade gospel. And he calls us not just to believe in him but to follow him.

How scary is that?! How does God love us no matter what, right where we are, and at the same time call us to the holy uprising of following Jesus? What does it really mean to be a rebel like Jesus, in our ordinary, daily lives of working, parenting, relating, living?