Unifying Pathway Handprint Project

Come leave your mark on the parking lot as we use our handprints to create a pathway between our two church buildings, connected by a huge white circle with our logo.

We will be painting a visible pathway in our parking lot, a UNIFYING PATHWAY expressing our connection to one another and our deep belief that God Loves US – No Matter What!

The pathway will run from the main entrance of the Sanctuary building to the main entrance of Warehouse 839 and will be marked by our individual handprints.  Volunteers will be available with paint and instructions all morning.

I hope you will join us after each of the worship services this Sunday to leave your mark in the form of a handprint. What a beautiful testimony in this divided world!

Gloves are available for mess-free cleanup, if you like.

Someone can help you leave your handprint mark if reaching the parking lot would be a challenge for you physically — we’ll work together!