Prayer & Meditation Class

Today’s scientists are revealing what people of faith have long known, that prayer and meditation are powerful tools to promote wellness, reduce anxiety, and foster healing. Studies show that a regular practice of prayer or meditation, even 5 minutes a day, can rewire the brain and change the way we react and respond in the world, helping us to be less reactive, anxious, and ashamed and more rooted in the generous love of God.

Many would like to nurture a practice like this in their lives but aren’t exactly sure where to start or how to integrate it into an already busy life. Using simple tools from historical Christian prayer practices, Pastor April Blaine and Ginny Fisher will provide some practical ways to help you kick start a consistent practice or deepen the practice you already have. The group will provide support and accountability as you build this into the rhythm of your life. Join us!

  • 8 Thursday evenings, June 18 – August 6, 7:30-8:30pm.
  • Class meets online via Zoom. Once you register, you’ll receive instructions and a link to join the class from the instructors.
  • Facilitators: Pastor April Blaine ( and Ginny Fisher.
  • SIGN UP HERE, or contact Beth Palmer (