New Member Orientation (Part 1)

Ready to explore membership?

Come to the 2-session New Member class (no obligation to join). Part 1 meets in the Sanctuary building, room 206 (parlor, main level); Part 2 is scheduled by attendees. Childcare provided.

Next Part 1: Sunday, August 26, 1-3pm (Part 2 scheduled by attendees).

Members covenant to being intentional about seeking God through spiritual practices, which help us connect with God and grow to be more like Jesus:

  • pray daily, worship weekly;
  • be part of a small group / continue Christian formation;
  • serve within the walls of the church;
  • serve beyond the walls of the church;
  • and give proportionately of income, working toward a tithe.

SIGN UP HERE, or on your Sunday sign-in card, or by contacting Beth Palmer, Director of Adult Discipleship (