Maundy Thursday Worship

Remember Jesus’s Last Supper with his disciples, with celebration of Holy Communion.

Message: “Who’s at the Table with You? Entering into a Space of Remembrance and Grief”
John 16:4-15
Pastor Karen Muntzing speaking
On his final night with his disciples, Jesus shared with them what is now known as the “Last Supper.” He gave them a ritual by which to remember his life and to sustain them to keep moving forward. On this Maundy Thursday, we want to create a space to remember that we gather at the table in the presence of Christ, and we also gather at the table in the presence of those who have gone before us. We remember Christ’s life, and we remember the lives of those who reminded us how to truly live. We cannot do this life alone, but by the power of their spirits we are sustained for all that God has before us.

The Labyrinth and Prayer Stations will also be open 6-9:30pm, in the gym, for quiet prayer (click for details).