Labyrinth & Prayer Stations

Prayer Stations

In the stations around the room, you’re invited to learn new ways and practice familiar ways to pray. Each station has an explanation, scripture, and instructions for the prayer activity. You can browse and then go back to stations of interest, or work your way slowly through some or all. You choose which stations to do; it’s up to you. You are invited into stillness and silence, to quietly contemplate the mysteries of faith. Family/Kid Friendly!

Walk the Prayer Labyrinth

As disciples have done for centuries, walk the simple circular path as a form of silent prayer. Allow about 20 minutes. Kid Friendly: Our weekday preschoolers really enjoyed walking a small prayer labyrinth recently!

Ideas for prayer while walking the labyrinth:

  • Giving gracious attention. Quiet your mind; let all thoughts go when they present themselves in your awareness.
  • Asking a question. Focus on a question that you have been asking yourself.
  • Repeating a key word or phrase. Use a repeated word or phrase as you walk.  It can be something short like “Abba” which means “daddy” in Aramaic or “God loves me… no matter what.”
  • Reading Scripture. You may focus on one or more ideas that emerge from a scripture passage.
  • Asking for help through prayer. You might also simply pray throughout the labyrinth walk. You might want to talk to God as if you were writing a letter, pouring out your heart, expressing anger, experiencing joy, or expressing gratitude, and asking for what you need.
  • Release, Receive, Return, Respond: Before you enter the labyrinth path, try to quiet your mind and heart with a few deep, centering breaths. Be attentive to your breath and your intention to be present with God in these moments. As you enter the labyrinth and walk the single path toward the center (there are no dead ends or false passages), pray for an open mind and heart. With kindness toward yourself, gently try to release distracting thoughts and let go of expectations. Once you arrive at the center, listen for God’s message to you this evening. Stay in the center as long as you like, receiving the love and word of God for you. As you retrace your steps out, give thanks for God’s presence and message. Journaling before or after the walk may help provide focus and insights.

There is no single right way to pray a labyrinth. Praying in whatever way helps you connect with God is the right way and serves as the best guide possible. Since reaching the center is assured, walking the labyrinth is more about the journey than the destination, about being rather than doing, integrating body and mind, psyche and spirit into one harmonious whole.

Feel free to return to the worship space and sit as long as you wish, praying or simply sitting in silence with the soft music as background.