HUMC LoveFest

We want to shower our local neighbors, police & fire houses, and our homebound with love!

We’re hoping to gather the whole congregation Sunday afternoon, February 10, to make a huge bunch of cards and notes reminding people that God loves them no matter what! During the season of Valentine’s Day, we want to show people that they matter to us and to God! 
We’ll have all the supplies out in the social hall, so just come. We’ll have ideas of what you can write on your card, too. (Feel free to bring cards, notepaper, or decorating supplies if you have some extras at home.)
Bring the whole family! Invite a friend!
After we make cards and write notes, we’ll divide into teams to deliver notes and cookies or brownies to the businesses nearby (McDonald’s, Donatos, Speedway, etc.), to the local police and fire station, to the Laurels of Hilliard care facility, and to our homebound — and anyone else we can think of!
If you’d like to bring homemade brownies or cookies to deliver, please do!
Come for the card making, or come for the delivery, or come for both!