Easter Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a PDF for easy printing…

Join us in searching for NEW LIFE in our Easter Sunday Scavenger Hunt!

Consider the message of Easter Sunday, that even in the hardest and most fearful times, we know how the story ends. We know that God’s work of new life, hope, and possibilities will keep emerging through the darkness and into the light.

Today, take some time to look for signs of new life.

You might choose to take some pictures…

Where do you encounter…

  • BLOOMS emerging from the ground or on trees?
  • PEOPLE connecting and enjoying time together?
  • BIRDS singing or other creations making their presence known?
  • LIFE growing from something that had died (an old stump, fallen log, etc.)?
  • THINGS that nourish your body?
  • THINGS that nourish your heart?
  • THINGS that make you smile and relax?
  • REMINDERS of Christ’s presence?
  • HOPE?
  • LOVE being shared in new ways?

Here are a couple of places where Pastor April has seen these things! Please share your photos or lists of where you are seeing God’s new life, either on our church Facebook page or via email to Pastor April at ablaine@hilliardumc.org!