Encouragement Groups

With the pandemic, the upcoming presidential election, and all that’s going on in the world, we could all use some more encouragement, right? We could all use some time to just sit together with friends in faith, to connect, and to be encouraged! Keeping it simple.

Short commitments (meet 4-6 times in October & November). Come when you can.

Short gatherings (meet for about an hour).

You’ll read some encouraging scripture verses, reflect on them, and enjoy some personal sharing about how the group can be encouraging and praying for each other.

No pressure, no homework, no leadership prep, no book to buy and read… just scripture, brief personal sharing (answering a specific question or two), and prayer.

Maybe a new friendship forms out of this, maybe a new longer-term group!


  • Sundays 1-2pm with Ginny Fisher on Zoom, starting October 11.
  • Wednesdays 6-7pm with Beth Palmer (staff) on Zoom, starting October 14.
  • Fridays 12:30-1:30pm with Julie Johnson on Zoom, starting October 23 (pushed back a week from original start date).
  • Friday evenings 8:30-10pm with Elysa Smeltzer and the Moms’ Group, starting October 16.
  • Stay tuned for more!

sign me up to facilitate an encouragement group

  • You’ll gather 5-7 friends of your choosing (we’ll have a mechanism for folks to sign up for groups, too)…
  • You’ll meet on zoom or in person (at church, at a park, someone’s backyard with a fire pit!)…
  • You’ll meet 4-8 times sometime between October 1 & early December, scheduling however you like, starting on whatever date works for you, and folks will be encouraged to attend when they can, no pressure…
  • You’ll meet for about an hour – we’re keeping these groups shorter, given what people seem to need these days…
  • We’ll give you a simple, brief, easy outline: Some time with an encouraging scripture, then some brief personal sharing time around “How can we be encouraging you and praying for you this week? or “How can we be praying for you this week?”, and praying together.

CLICK HERE to sign up to FACILITATE a group.