Sunday Message Series

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We live in an increasingly complex moment in human history. The suffering across our planet is deep. The longing for healing and new ways of living is palpable across all segments of humanity and even creation. What will it mean for all of us to live as truly free? Not just on the outside, but also on the inside? More and more we will need the ability to live from places where the waters run deep. We will need to make decisions from a viewpoint larger than ourselves. We will need one another to support, encourage, and build us up to take the steps of faith that we are too scared to take alone.  We will need to be courageous.

When we see the word courage, it often calls forth images of a valiant warrior or a bold pioneer bravely facing great challenges against all odds. While inspiring, these images feel removed from our everyday reality.

But what if courage has more to do with claiming our identity as children of God? With being brave enough to face what is real and true in our lives and in the world and to share it with others? With claiming our gifts and stepping forward in faithfulness while we are still afraid and uncertain about the future?

This year, we want to explore what it means to live with COURAGE. Join us this year as we embark on this courageous journey!

September 13 – DRIVE- IN SERVICE – Courage to be Happy!  – Woman at the Well – John 4:7-15
Nothing has changed in the woman’s circumstances after her encounter with Jesus but she has a new song to sing — for she sees herself in a new way — and that has made all the difference. How can we sing a new song?

September 20 – The Courage to be Willing to Learn and Unlearn – Nicodemus – John 3:1-21 –
Sharon Udoh, Band Leader, speaking
In the middle of the night, Nicodemus reaches out to Jesus to find out more and to seek to unlearn what his life as a Pharisee has told him is the only way of seeing things.

September 27 – The Courage to Not Turn Our Backs – Lot’s Wife – Genesis 19:15-26
What does it mean to look back at the devastation and to continue to care about those who remain suffering? How can we leave visible monuments of salt that remind people of the importance of solidarity?

October 4 – Courage to be Awake – Jeremiah 4:19-26
World Communion Sunday
Pastor Jon speaking
We tend to do our best to try and be numb. But the work to find healing and move toward the new must ask us to SEE what is here in the present. Our culture is conditioned to not see the parts of the systems that are deeply problematic. But we cannot change if we cannot see.  And yet we do not face it alone. We remain God’s church — learning to be honest about the global place where we are so it doesn’t have to be the place we remain.

October 11 – Courage to Grieve What Has Been Lost – Jeremiah 8:18-9:1
What does it look like to acknowledge the loss, death, and struggle and the way of life that will not be restored? There is a reason why the ritual of a funeral is so important in our ability to move on from some of the hardest parts of life. We loved some things about the past. Can we name them and tell their story, so that we remember that a new story is being written?

DRIVE-IN SERVICE October 18 – Courage to Imagine the Alternative – Jeremiah 29:4-14
One service at 10am in the parking lot, also streaming live on Facebook Live.
Stewardship Sunday
The people were still in exile. They weren’t going to have an easy out. But God is clear: care about the welfare here, now, in this moment. “For I know the plans I have for you and they are to prosper” — but we must begin to imagine that our prosperity is tied up in the prosperity of “the other” as well. Can we be courageous enough in the place of exile as a church — to dare to imagine how we could live differently together? To have a future that will be new?