Sunday Message Series

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We live in an increasingly complex moment in human history. The suffering across our planet continues to deepen. The longing for healing and new ways of living is palpable across all segments of humanity and even creation. What will it mean for all of us to live as truly free? Not just on the outside, but also on the inside? More and more we will need the ability to live from places where the waters run deep. We will need to make decisions from a viewpoint larger than ourselves. We will need one another to support, encourage, and build us up to take the steps of faith that we are too scared to take alone.  We will need to be courageous.

When we see the word courage, it often calls forth images of a valiant warrior or a bold pioneer bravely facing great challenges against all odds. While inspiring, these images feel removed from our everyday reality.

But what if courage has more to do with claiming our identity as children of God? With being brave enough to face what is real and true in our lives and in the world and to share it with others? With claiming our gifts and stepping forward in faithfulness while we are still afraid and uncertain about the future?

This year, we want to explore what it means to live with COURAGE. Join us this year as we embark on this courageous journey!

THE SEASON OF easter: saying a courageous yes to life

April 19 – Embracing a Beginner’s Mind – John 20:19-31
Resurrection and new life are often disruptive to our normal ways of understanding things. They introduce ways of being and seeing that do not fit what we think we know about the world. They ask us to approach life with a beginner’s mind. A beginner’s mind remains curious and open to what the new will bring, leaving limitless possibilities for the future. An expert’s mind has very little room for the new, since it already assumes it understands. Jesus invites Thomas to begin anew, with a mind fully open to the possibilities.

April 26 – Listening to Our Hearts – Luke 24:13-35

May 3 – Abundance, not Scarcity – Psalm 23, John 10:1-10
Holy Communion

May 10 – The Way, The Truth, The Life – John 14:1-14
Mother’s Day

May 17 – The Counselor Within – John 14:15-21
Jesus promises that when he leaves his disciples, he will not leave them as orphans. But they will receive the Counselor, the Spirit of truth, who will live within them and who will continue to help them follow the commandments. How are we able to access this Counselor within? How do we discern the voice of truth?

May 24 – Abide in Me – John 15:1-8
The life that Jesus promises depends on our ongoing ability to abide in God’s presence with us. How will you remain in God? And allow the process of pruning to happen in this season even when it is painful?? How will this manifest as loving fruit in your life?

May 31 – PENTECOST – Acts 2:1-13, John 15:26-16:4
On this day of Pentecost, we remember the gift of the Holy Spirit, the one who not only gives us this internal truth but also gives us the voice to testify to the good news on behalf of others.  This gift first broke down barriers of race and language – to bring unity to the group gathered.  How can our voices be a similar kind of testimony to the God of love for all people?

June 7 – Grief Turning to Joy – John 16: 17-33
Holy Communion
Jesus promises that the presence of the Spirit will remain with them through the grief as it turns to joy. “Take heart!  I have overcome the world!”

June 14 – DRIVE-IN WORSHIP – one service at 10am in the parking lot! – John 17
Confirmation & Senior Sunday Celebration
Giving Bibles to Children Grades 3-6
Jesus prays a beautiful prayer for his disciples but also for the ones who will come to believe as a result of the disciples. We will rewrite this prayer to personalize it and make it clear the powerful ways that it speaks to this moment for our Confirmands and our graduates. We will also give Bibles to our third graders.