Engaging the Bible: New Opportunity for Adults

Would you like to learn how to understand the Bible more clearly?

Would you like to learn how to listen for God through scripture, with your heart?

New groups will be forming in January 2018 – stay tuned!

For centuries, the primary process by which God has shaped Christians into fully devoted followers of Jesus has been through Bible reading and reflection as a spiritual practice.

But for most of us, reading the Bible is like reading a foreign language: hard to understand, hard to figure out what it means, even harder to decipher what God might be saying to us today through the Bible.

How do we open ourselves up to the rich, meaningful wisdom that is available in this diverse collection of books, and to the powerful ways that it can impact our lives by the power of the Spirit?

We will read scripture slowly and prayerfully, using an ancient practice called “lectio divina” (“sacred reading”). The practice itself is experiential. It’s less about gaining intellectual knowledge and more about encountering the living God through scripture.

The hope is that you will be equipped to develop a regular Bible reading and reflection practice at home. God will meet you there.

Whether you’ve been reading the Bible for 40 years or never cracked its cover, this practice is for everyone!

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