Building Faith class for children

Cub Scout Pack 148 and Hilliard UMC are excited to team up to create this dynamic 5-week class for children in grades K-5 and their parents/grownups to explore and experience Christian faith together.

All sessions will be led by scout and church leaders together.

All participants receive a certificate and pin. Scouts also receive the Religious Knot Badge.

Meets 5 Sundays, January 12 – February 19, 2020 (skip Feb 2), 6-7:30pm in the Sanctuary building.
Cost: $25 for scouts, $20 for non-scouts
Space is limited to 60 children and their parents.


Building Faith Class as taught at Hilliard UMC with our Pack 148 friends –
We invite you to a warm and welcoming space for our children (where we will say together each time that God Loves You… No Matter What!) that will emphasize the following things:
6pm – Opening – with Vonzell Powell and Pastor April Blaine
6:15pm – Station 1 – Storytelling:
Each week we will use a powerful and engaging method of storytelling called Godly Play to tell the kids the sacred story of the day and invite them to wonder and ask questions. We use beautiful handmade wooden storytelling materials so the kids can actually see the story coming alive as it’s being told.
  • Week 1, The Creation Story: Children will learn that they are created in the image of God and that God said that they are good.
  • Week 2, The Ten Commandments: God has given us guidelines to show us how it is best to live.
  • Week 3, The Advent/Christmas Story: The heart of the story of God’s love comes in the story of Jesus, both human and God, who came to be with us and reveal God’s love.
  • Week 4, The Story of Samuel and the Practice of Prayer: God has always communicated with us, and we can talk to God.
  • Week 5, The Story of the Good Shepherd and the saving love of a God who will always come to find us when we lose our way: God’s desire is that none of us would ever be lost. We will share communion this final week.
The kids will then do activities at two different stations to emphasize the main focal point of the story and message of the day. One station that will invite a bodily response (like a game), and one station will involve a little more creativity (e.g., on the week we talk about prayer, they’ll make their own prayer tool.)
6:35 – Station 2 – Activity 1
6:55 – Station 3 – Activity 2
7:15 – Closing – with Vonzell Powell and Pastor April
We are REALLY excited about the ways that this will bring up wonderful conversations for our children and their families. Our hope is to keep the topics each week general enough that families of all kinds of backgrounds will find that it is creating opportunities for them to explore together things like prayer and talking about who Jesus is and even thinking of ways that they can share and care for others in the world. This is certainly an introductory kind of class that folks who have no background in the Christian faith will feel right at home. Our goal is to create a safe enough space for folks to learn and explore and understand. There will be no high pressure call to conversion.