Message Series

Easter Season Message Series

During this season of Easter, we will explore the gospel stories of resurrection and new life and the call that Jesus makes to CHOOSE LIFE in the small and large moments of our lives.

APRIL 23 – CHOOSING LIFE NOW! – John 20:24-31, Pastor April Blaine speaking

The story of doubting Thomas and his struggle to believe is one that consistently resonates with many of us in our own lives. What is stopping us from choosing the life that Jesus offers us right now?

APRIL 30 – CONFIRMATION SUNDAY – Ephesians 2:4-10, Holy Communion, Pastor April Blaine speaking

This remarkable class of 13 youth will lead us through the journey they have made during confirmation and celebrate the life in Christ they are choosing at this important moment.

MAY 7 – DIRECTING OUR ENERGY – Matthew 28:16-20, Senior Sunday, Pastor April Blaine speaking (no Holy Communion)

Matthew’s post-resurrection story is singular. Jesus is alive, and there is one place where our energy must go: immersing ourselves and others into the life of Christ, making disciples for the transformation of the world. What does it mean to place our energy toward this crucial work in the world both for ourselves and for others?

MAY 14 – THE CHANGING OF SEASONS – John 21:1-14, Dialogue with David Crone, Mother’s Day, Pastor April Blaine speaking

After the resurrection, the disciples return to their lives as fishermen. Even though that season had ended for them, they weren’t quite ready to let go. How do we know when one season has ended? Do we have the courage to truly let go and put our energies toward the new life that God is bringing into our midst?

MAY 21 – CHANGING THE TAPES – John 21:15-25, Pastor April Blaine speaking

After Jesus’s arrest and crucifixion, Peter must have experienced great shame and remorse. Yet, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus asks him three times to go and do the work of shepherding God’s people. In order to receive this, the narrative in Peter’s head about himself must change. Where do you have a tape that needs to be changed about who you are and what you are capable of?

MAY 28 – “THEY” IS US – Acts 1:1-11, Pastor Karen Muntzing speaking

The story of Jesus ascending into heaven points to choosing life – not looking up, but looking out, remembering what Jesus did, and doing it. “They” in the text remains the call that is on each of our lives.

JUNE 4 – RECEIVING THE SPIRIT – Acts 2:1-21 Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Karen Muntzing speaking

The ultimate gift of life is the gift of the Holy Spirit living in us. How do we claim this gift with greater fullness and be alive to the Spirit in our lives each day?