Foundational Classes

Start here if you’re new to Christian faith or church, or if you’re restarting your faith journey. Designed for beginners and restarters, these classes are also for those who have been attending church but have never participated in an adult spiritual formation class or small group. If you haven’t taken these four classes or their equivalent (either here or previously at another church), we really encourage you to do so — they’re foundational for Christian life.

Watch the Sunday worship folders and the Upcoming Classes page here for dates and details as each class is scheduled:

Exploring the Bible

Broad overview of the Bible, focusing on how to read and interpret this ancient book of stories about faith, written by people of faith, for people of faith, so that we can apply its life-giving words to our lives today. 8-12 weeks, usually offered in the fall (September-October).

Exploring Faith

Explore basic principles of Christian faith — God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Church, Serving, Spiritual Practices, etc. — organized around our church vision statement: God’s Unconditional Acceptance, Your Unbelievable Growth, Our Unlimited Outreach. 6-8 weeks, usually offered in the winter (January-February).

Exploring Spiritual Gifts

Do you sometimes lose track of time because you’re so engrossed in what you’re doing? Or find yourself volunteering for things that sap your energy? Or wonder where you might serve in the church or elsewhere, not sure what might be a good fit for you? Learning about your God-given spiritual gifts will help! 4 weeks, usually offered a couple times a year (timing varies).

If you’d like to take an online spiritual gifts inventory, click HERE. The class we offer goes more in depth than this and has other benefits, but this is a great place to start.

Exploring Spiritual Practices

Learn about how to connect with God through personal spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, study, solitude, confession, fasting, simplicity, service, guidance, worship, and celebration. 8-14 weeks, depending on which study we use. Offered annually, no standard time of year yet.

Exploring Faith Sharing

Not sure how to drop into conversation that you believe in God and try to follow Jesus? Learn how to share your faith in a low-key way with people you know. 3 weeks, usually offered in November.