Ideas for Your Spiritual Growth

As God leads you, we invite you to choose the ideas that speak to your life situation and where you are on your journey with God. Choose one or two to start with, then try some others at your own pace.

The spiritual journey is a deeply personal one. Not everything here is for everyone, so choose your favorite ideas and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your heart.

The spiritual journey isn’t usually a linear process, either, with one step leading directly to the next in every single case. Ask God to show you what to try next.

Please don’t feel that you have to do anything listed here, or have to do everything listed here. These are just ideas to help you grow, not a list of “shoulds” or “have tos” in order to be a so-called good Christian. We all experience God in different ways, and we all grow at a different pace and in different ways; what helps one person grow closer to God and follow Jesus more closely might have no significant impact on another person.

Whatever choices you make here, we encourage you to be intentional about your spiritual journey, always asking for God’s guidance, and always knowing that God will love us no matter how much we do or don’t do!

When we accept God’s amazing love and invite Jesus to live in our hearts, there’s nothing we have to do to receive God’s unconditional love. In fact, the more we fall in love with God, the more God transforms our hearts and the more we want to become authentic followers of Jesus.

The Gospel of John reminds us that God wants us to experience abundant life: “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly!” (John 10:10). So, here’s to your abundant life with God!

Follow these links for some specific ideas:

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