Sunday Message Series

Each and every one of us longs to live a life of meaning… A life where our actions reflect the very things we value most… A life where we are living from the truest part of ourselves… The work of shaping a good and beautiful life is slow, intentional, and disciplined work. At Hilliard UMC, we will spend 2018 exploring Jesus’s invitation to be his disciples and to build this good and beautiful life of meaning. And we’ll work on doing this with a sense of joy, delight, and playfulness, knowing that God’s grace enfolds us and that it is okay to fall down and get back up as we learn.

Pastor April Blaine speaking unless otherwise noted.

PART 6 – PRACTICING Wonder & Awe
November / December / Advent

The Exquisite Mystery of an Incarnate God

As we walk deeper into the practices that make for a good and beautiful life, as we discern the path that leads us deeper within ourselves, deeper within community, and deeper in the heart of God, one of the things that inevitably happens is that the lens by which we see things widens. As we step beyond our limited view of the world, we see that there are things that we did not notice before, things that are much bigger and wider than we imagined, and we dwell in the reality of the mystery of this extraordinary creation that is our universe.

We begin to see both the complexity and the connectivity, the expansiveness and the intricate details. We see both our grand design and our humble smallness. We see the dynamic nature of the universe and our own lives. We are ever evolving, changing, and being renewed by this dynamic God.

To practice wonder and awe is to revel in the extraordinary world in which we live. It is to acknowledge the depth of the mystery for which we only partially understand. It is to delight in questions of curiosity, knowing that the answers are not always attainable or necessary. It is to find peace in that which is unseen, yet perceived… unknown, yet experienced. It is the recognition that this material world is infused with a depth of spirit that we are seeking and also seems to be seeking us. This is the great mystery of the Christ, the incarnate one that we celebrate during this season. In Christ, we see the great truth of all of this universe, that matter and spirit are one. In Christ, we see the inherent sanctity of all of creation, each part a reflection of the integration we see in God.

NOVEMBER 11 – Preschool Appreciation Sunday – Intro to Wonder
Romans 1:19-20
Through the eyes of our children, we will enter into this practice of wonder, the invitation to embrace mystery, uncertainty, and to delight in the extraordinary universe that we live in.  The creation surrounding us is a doorway to the divine.  Do we have eyes to see and ears to hear?

NOVEMBER 18 – The First Incarnation – Creation of the Cosmos
First Sunday in Advent (we’re starting Advent early so we can really celebrate!)

NOVEMBER 25 – The Second Incarnation – Jesus
Philippians 2:5-11
Second Sunday in Advent

DECEMBER 2 – The Cosmic Christ – Part 1
John 1:1-4, 14
Third Sunday in Advent

DECEMBER 9 – Wonder and Awe: Christmas Cantata
Special worship times: 9:30am (not 9:45), 11am, and 6:30pm.
Nursery care provided at all services. No KidJAM (children’s Sunday school).
Join us for this special music service celebrating the wonder and awe we experience in the birth of the Christ, presented by our music ministry under the direction of Dr. Laura Kitchel, Director of Traditional Music, and Cathy Hahn, Director of Children’s Choirs.

DECEMBER 16 – The Cosmic Christ, Part 2
Colossians 1:15-20
Fourth Sunday in Advent

DECEMBER 23 – The Christmas Story, Part 1 – Wonder and Awe in the Midst of our Everyday Lives
Pastor Karen Muntzing preaching
Our Chancel Choir will lead singing of Christmas music at all services.

DECEMBER 24 – CHRISTMAS EVE – Will the Christ Be Born in You?

11am Traditional Worship
The Sanctuary

3:30pm Family Worship
The Sanctuary

5pm Family Worship
The Sanctuary

7pm Contemporary Worship
Warehouse 839

8:30pm Contemporary Worship
Warehouse 839

11pm Traditional Worship
The Sanctuary

DECEMBER 30 – The Christmas Story, Part 2
Pastor Karen Muntzing speaking