Sunday Message Series

From its inception, the church was called to be a sign of hope and life in the world, shining in the midst of darkness, greed, evil, sin, and devastation. This call seems even more important now, as we reclaim the power of who we are meant to be for the world in the moment of challenge that we find ourselves in.

June 16 – Time to Get Up! – Acts 9:36-43
The call to awaken to new life didn’t stop at Jesus. The days of the early church were filled time after time with healings and awakenings to God’s spirit at work. Are we truly claiming our call to be the kind of church where lives are changed and hearts are awakened and people find true healing and freedom in Christ?

June 23 – The Table Included WHO?  – Acts 11:1-18
The call of God’s church was to break down all the barriers and the walls that divided people from one another. The church from its very inception was to include all people. We affirm our commitment as a church called to claim a love for ALL people.

June 30 – All Services in Warehouse 839
Guided small group conversations around tables. Usual worship times and styles.

July 7 – Guest Preacher: Willis Johnson

July 14 – Come and Help! – Acts 16:9-15
The early church was designed with an outward focus. So, when Paul receives a vision to go to Macedonia to help share the word, he is ready and willing. This early movement was unafraid to include women, who played key roles in leadership and became significant proclaimers of the good news. What does it look like to continue to turn our focus outward?

July 21 – Songs from Prison – Acts 16:16-34
The outward focus to share the good news of Jesus Christ got many in the early church in trouble. And yet, even in their times of tribulation, they sang songs of praise and celebration to God. Singing songs of praise to God in the good times and the bad was an early marker of the church and its powerful focus on HOPE for the future.

July 28 – Lakeside Sunday – All Means All – Acts 17:16-34
Pastor Jon Osmundson’s First Sunday 

August 4 – VBS Sunday
Celebrating Vacation Bible School!