Sunday Message Series

January & February 2019

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Pastor April Blaine is giving the message unless otherwise noted.

January 6 – Who we ARE and Who we are NOT – Colossians 3:1-4
If we want to be people who live with purpose, we have to be people who are constantly being grounded in who we are, and letting go of who we are not.  This week, we will explore the foundations of our identity as Christians, that we now live in Christ.

January 13 – Start with WHY – Matthew 28:16-20
When it comes to living life with purpose, there is an important question that we want to start with: What’s my why? Why am I doing what I am doing? Is your life driven by preferences or by purpose? What is the crossroads of your life this year? Where is God inviting you to line up your daily life with the WHY?

January 20 – Answering the Call – Acts 3:1-10
When we are living with purpose, it comes from a deeper place within us, a heart filled with Christ’s love that moves us to action.  The transformation in Peter’s life was the source of his ability to offer to the man “what he had.”  God is in the business of claiming the WHOLE of our lives… nothing is ever wasted.  Even what we perceive as weakness, can become a strength through the power of Christ.  In what ways has God uniquely equipped you to be a part of a greater purpose?  Are you willing to answer the call?

January 27 – The Haters – Acts 5:27-32
Pastor Karen Muntzing speaking
When our lives become focused on the purposes for which God has created us, there will always be obstacles.  There will always be things that try to get in the way, including people who will literally try to create obstructions to keep us from doing what we have been called to do.  As we continue to be grounded in our identity and the purpose God has for our lives, we are more and more able to join the apostles in claiming, “We must obey God rather than any human authority.”

February 3 – Created for Purpose – Genesis 1- GODLY PLAY SUNDAY
We pause for a moment in our series to remember again the goodness of who we are created to be.  We cannot be reminded enough about who God says we are.  This week, through an interactive experience with Godly Play, we will discover anew the creation story and be reminded of the purposes for which God has made each of us.

February 10 – Seeing Through the Darkness – Acts 7:54-8:3
Pastor Karen Muntzing speaking
Sometimes in our work to do God’s purposes, the forces working against us are more than just obstacles, they are a part of a systemic evil that we must face.  How do we remain focused on our work when up against this kind of darkness?  In our vows of baptism, we are reminded that we have the power to resist evil in all forms that it presents itself.  The witness of Stephen reminds us to keep looking through the darkest of forces toward the light and hope of Christ.  This was Stephen’s witness to us, even in his darkest hour.

February 17 – Loosening our Grips – Acts 8:4-17
Life will always take unexpected turns that we could not have anticipated and certainly didn’t desire.  What if God is at work in the very event that seems to be a great disruption?  The scattering of the apostles was not part of the plan, and yet the Gospel went out to a wider audience than they ever would have imagined.  How can we loosen our control just a bit and trust that God can work within us and whatever situation is happening?

February 24 – Surprising Partners – Acts 9:18-22
If our focus is on the mission and the purpose for which we have been called, it will often take us into some surprising places and invite us into some partnerships with people we might have never imagined.  The last person anyone expected to help further the Gospel was Paul, and yet God worked in powerful and surprising ways.  Where might God be using some unexpected people in your life to further the purposes for which God has planned?

March 3 – Staying the Course – Acts 11:19-26
After all the setbacks and persecutions and unexpected twists and turns, the early church continued to grow and eventually they became known as “Christians.”  How do we stay focused on our call as missionaries in the world and as people called to share the love of Christ throughout the world?