Sunday Message Series

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We live in an increasingly complex moment in human history. The suffering across our planet continues to deepen. The longing for healing and new ways of living is palpable across all segments of humanity and even creation. What will it mean for all of us to live as truly free? Not just on the outside, but also on the inside? More and more we will need the ability to live from places where the waters run deep. We will need to make decisions from a viewpoint larger than ourselves. We will need one another to support, encourage, and build us up to take the steps of faith that we are too scared to take alone.  We will need to be courageous.

When we see the word courage, it often calls forth images of a valiant warrior or a bold pioneer bravely facing great challenges against all odds. While inspiring, these images feel removed from our everyday reality.

But what if courage has more to do with claiming our identity as children of God? With being brave enough to face what is real and true in our lives and in the world and to share it with others? With claiming our gifts and stepping forward in faithfulness while we are still afraid and uncertain about the future?

This year, we want to explore what it means to live with COURAGE. Join us this year as we embark on this courageous journey!

the Courageous Church

In this season of such upheaval and change, how can the church be an agent of healing in the land?

June 21 – A Courageous Mission  – Acts 2:36-41
The church began when people heard the powerful and convicting testimony of the work of Christ to bring new life and forgiveness, to make us new. Our work as a church has always been to claim our identity as God’s children, being conformed into Christ’s likeness, and to help others claim theirs as well. The promise is for us, and it is for them!

June 28 – Courageous Witness – Part 1 – Acts 2:42-47
Associate Pastor Jon Osmundson speaking
As the church was built and established itself as a community, as they broke bread and praised God, they found that they were being nourished and encouraged, and that their hearts were overflowing with generosity. The gathering of worship UNITED them and TRANSFORMED them! Their first courageous witness was to BE the church — to embody it and live it out!

July 5 – Courageous Witness Part 2 – Acts 5:17-32
Holy Communion
The collective willingness to share the story and the witness of God’s relentless and boundaryless love is never without cost. Our collective work is to support each other in our telling of the story, even if it is unpopular and especially when there are real risks. The powers that be will be threatened — who will be our authority?

July 12 – Courageous Witness – Part 3 – Acts 17:22-31
The reign of God is both a present and a future reality. The church is called to be the first sign of the reign of God! What does it look like in this moment for us to be a collective light of God’s love for all?