2017 FREEWAY Experience

Church-wide spiritual formation experience

Starts the week of March 5

  • 7 weeks during the Lent and Easter season
  • Small groups for adults start the week of March 5
  • Sunday message series starts March 12

In our quest this year to become the beloved community, FREEWAY is a journey to freedom built upon God’s amazing grace, conversations with friends, and an honest exploration of our not-so-perfect stories. FREEWAY is a way to be free.

“Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that…. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.”  (Galatians 6:4-5, The Message)

Small groups can be a meaningful way for us to connect with others and grow spiritually in real ways. We encourage everyone to give it a try!



Some more details…

Great next step out of our current series, “Becoming the Beloved Community”

FREEWAY follows beautifully after our series and quest this winter to become the beloved community, because FREEWAY focuses on how we can more fully claim the freedom we find in God’s amazing love. When we truly know ourselves to be God’s beloved — that God loves us no matter what! — we are more able to help create beloved community.

Promotes Personal Healing

Through the process of awareness, discovery, ownership, forgiveness, acceptance, and freedom, we believe our hearts can be healed.

Different From Many Previous Church-wide Studies

The FREEWAY workbook looks a lot different from previous studies; we have books out for display in each building to help you decide how you want to participate. (Book cost: $12 for those able.)

This experience involves more personal reflection than we’ve done in recent church-wide studies. Participants will be invited into an honest exploration of our own not-so-perfect stories. Don’t worry — you’ll only be asked to share with your group whatever you’re comfortable sharing.

The group discussion will be based on the short readings (3-4 pages) and personal reflection you do at home between gatherings, not on a teaching video. (There are short videos available to watch each week, but they’re optional.)

Each week participants will
  • read a short introduction to the big idea of each step, pointing our thoughts in the right direction and preparing our hearts for the journey,
  • explore your own not-so-perfect story with personal reflection,
  • meet with a small group to talk about what you are learning and to discuss the group questions together,
  • jump in with simple experiments to help you apply what you’re learning and move ideas into action, and
  • write or doodle or draw whatever additional thoughts and feelings that God is drawing out of you through the FREEWAY experience…
Book cost

$12 (for those able). Books will be available through group leaders, and you’ll pay them directly (again, those able). We never want the cost of a book to get in the way of you participating in a group, so if you don’t have book money this time, that’s completely okay; we’ll cover you, happily! And if you have a few extra dollars to help buy someone else’s book this time who isn’t able, we’ll receive that gratefully!

Mike Foster and People of the Second Chance

Check out the FREEWAY website from People of the Second Chance for more information, HERE.


Contact Beth Palmer, staff (bpalmer@hilliardumc.org, 614.876.2403 [church office]).